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when you’re at the beach and fully clothed and you try to grab some sand but it slips through your fingers..




so i decided to make another theme but this time with more customizable options and stuff! it’s not too different from my previous theme, but i like it. again, if you see any bugs or errors while using the theme, please send me a message so i can fix it!


  • fully movable sidebar image; you can choose to make it in front or behind the sidebar
  • another sidebar image, except inside the sidebar.
  • 2 whopping kinds of navigation! (the one in the preview and a drop down menu)
  • your own favicon
  • 500/400px posts
  • maximized background / posts & sidebar shadow or glow / posts & sidebar curved sides + borders / transparent posts / fading images / show captions / show tags 
  • color the: background / text / links / link hover / tags / the glow / border / scrollbar
  • up to 7 custom links; feel free to edit the code to add more in case it’s not enough!

no important notes but here are some reminders! when choosing between 2 navigations, 400/500px + the sidebar image being in the front or at the back, or post shadows & glow, be sure you only have 1 selected! opacity is the same, if you want it opaque put 1. if you want it transparent place a “." before your desired number. if you want it COMPLETELY transparent, put a 0!



Peter’s Advice
SPIDER-MEN #5 (Nov. 2012)
Art by Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor
Words by Brian Michael Bendis



Me and my crew entering school


Mondo’s ultra nervous, but does his best for Ishi OuO„

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