hi! my name's k3ttles and if you insult hajime hinata you insult a part of my soul


why fall in love when you can fall asleep

Touko Fukawa○○○○○ | Minitokyo


3rd Danganronpa the Animation Minna no Kuji prizes

Prize A: Naegi Makoto figure
Prize G: Deformed figures (Sayaka, Leon, Junko, Celestia, Hagakure)

teacher: alright fold your papers in half
entire class: hot dog or hamburger




hot topic has some cool stuff but its embarrassing just walking in that store tbh

thank you so much for putting this into words 

Walk into hot topic like what up im not a scene kid


i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean


since a lot of you seemed to find my profile drawing tutorial helpful, thought i’d expand on it a bit more. this isn’t a tutorial on how to draw eyes, nose, lips, etc…just basic face anatomy.  

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